Children’s Chocolate-crafting Parties

Children love to play and make with chocolate so why not book some time with a chocolatier to show them how it is done?

Earn extra brownie points with this brilliant idea for a kids’ party that’s just ‘a bit different’.

All you need is a kitchen big enough to accommodate six children, a microwave and a cooking hob for them to make their own Choccolicious treats. It’s a fun way for children to enjoy making their own chocolate goodies – and you might even get to taste the fruit of their labours when they’re finished!

• Sprinkles • Lollipops • Pizzas • Shortbread Hands
• Cake Pops • Choc Bars • Figures •  Sprinkles
• Chocolate Buttons • Sprinkles •  Eggs • Ducks • Christmas

Oh, and did we mention… Sprinkles?